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Our Story 

HIP Studio Shop is created by the idea to offer interior lovers original selected products and custom designed products. To spice up your home and easily redecorate a space in your home. The products are a reflection of how we daily create new designs, they should tell their own story in your home; a good perception of your own style with a little help from us. We work closely with our suppliers to design hand crafted products, who are unique and stand out form the crowd.

 As an interior designer, I work daily with new products, and that’s why I love to make these more accessible for everyone. Collect the things you love, that are authentic to you, and your home becomes your story.


Enjoy your shopping! 

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Maxine Hoopman

Maxine Hoopman is a young designer who already works for 10 years in the interior design industry. Her passion for design began 10 years ago when she started working in the company of her parents, HIP Studio. Throughout the years she teamed up with her father, and has recently become fully owner of HIP Studio. A dream of her was to start next to her interior design company, an online shop that would become an extension of her interior design work and to provide accessible, original and high quality hand crafted products for everyone. HIP Studio works daily on very diverse projects, and with this online addition to the company, a dream has come true. Hopefully you enjoy the products as much as we do.


Welcome at HIP Studio Shop. 

Anker // The Designer
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